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Absolutely No Going to the Beach Tomorrow - Team Rules

I'm not big on rules for youth sports but this one is necessary - "No beach time on day of game"
Coaching fatigued athletes is not pleasing, or fair, to the coach. The words I dread hearing -
“He had a sleepover last night, and he just came from a basketball tournament.” Parent comment before practice.
To this day, I remember sitting at home on beautiful summer days while my friends were at the local beach club. I felt like my social life suffered because of our coach’s no-beach-on-game-days rule.” As a coach now, I recognize the importance of that request.
Tired players are a drag for coaches to deal with and not the real measure of a kid, either. Even one exhausted player can be a disruption to everyone. Their lack of effort and bad attitude is evident to all. Wore out athletes have little energy, do not listen, and cannot focus.
Kids are often busy with many activities, from other sports to outside curiosities. Coaches know that kids’ have more diversions in their lives than ever before. That is all the more reason for coaches to have some simple, reasonable guidelines for teams.
Having a team policy that limits over-scheduling players is useful. People may not follow the regulation, but the coach has done their job of holding others accountable. Because most parents want effort, they come to perceive the importance of rested kids and will not over schedule them.