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Jack Perconte

All it Takes to Be A Great Coach

Not sure you have what it takes to be a great youth coach? Just remember to use the W. The easiest and essential questions are the same as back in the day - who, what, when where and the most important one, why.
Knowing who is supposed to be where, when, and why do we do it that way is a sign that everyone is learning and a key to winning.
Helping kids become curious and inquisitive is important as well as creating two-way communication with athletes.
I often ask my players the same question week after week. I am pretty confident they know the answer. However, I see players very hesitant to answer. Many of them are afraid of being wrong, I suppose, so they act as if they do not know.
Don’t’ give up with questions and work to get players to answer. The goal of the queries is for coaches to learn if kids know what to do and for kids to find out if their knowledge of play is correct. But most of all, it shows that kids are confident, not afraid of you or of making mistakes.
The next task is getting kids to do the asking of the who, what, when, where and why. That takes a longer time to accomplish.
Remember, questions are one of the best ways to create the necessary learning environment.