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Jack Perconte

Are You and Average Coach or an Elite One?

Want to be an Elite coach? Do what they do.

The great coaches have developed their plan over several years. Follow their lead and do not forget number 5 below.

Coaching is no different than leading in any kind of work environment. A big key to leadership is being organized. Try to never just wing it – that plan rarely goes as well as was possible.

Organization and leadership begin with these:

  1. Plan every practice and pregame – this plan is preferably written with precise practice drills, skills and amount of time to work on each. It’s Ok to build a little flexibility into the practice schedule but get done the most important needs.
  2. Set expectations for coaches and players at the beginning of each session. Explain to other coaches and players what they are expected to learn by the end of that day’s practice.
  3. Offer something different and variety into each get together– keeping practice vital and exciting by varying the structure avoids boredom.
  4. It’s OK to offer a little incentive to try and get players to work hard. “If we accomplish this in the beginning, we will play games the rest of the time.”
  5. Afterwards, review practices with other coaches to see how effective they were and for making future adjustments. Constant review is great for developing better ways to do things.