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Jack Perconte

Asking Questions?

It's not like you have to coddle kids but it is important how and what you say to players. Questions are good but when they put players on the defensive with them, you will never get true answers or have the necessary player/coach relationship that works. Careful of how you ask these.
“What did I just tell you?”—This statement makes a young player feel like a loser. Muscle memory and sporting instincts take a great amount of time to develop and saying something repeatedly will not change their muscle memory. Only practice and experience will change things. Instead, coaches should say, “Hang in there,” “We will work on it,” or “Try it this way.”
✧ “Why did you do that?”—This may be an ok question to a player later in a one-on-one situation but only puts a player on the spot in front of everyone. It is much better to say, “Forget about it,” or “Get ‘em next time.”
✧ “What were you thinking?”—Most of the time, players will know when they make mistakes, so saying this is unnecessary. Additionally, whether they were thinking or not, it is too late to change their actions now. This statement puts a player in a tough spot with no answer. That is why teams have a coach, to instruct in a positive way when players make mistakes and not ridicule them.
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