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Jack Perconte

Attend to Those Closest to You?

The incomparable coach John Wooden often said he felt like he got closer to his bench players than the regulars. Of course, at the youth levels, everyone should be a regular as well as a bench player. With that in mind, much of your teaching should occur to the players sitting next to you when the action occurs.
Following are thing to teach bench players to stay mentally ready, and often these are with questions.
1. What’s the score?
2. Any one notice any of the opponent’s tendencies and moves?
3. What would you have done in that situation?
Along with the questions, it’s necessary to remind them to:
1. Remain physically ready - n between the action, get up and move.
2. Remember it’s a team game so be prepared to high five, console, and cheer teammates and they will do the same for you.
3. Know where your gear is so they are ready to enter the game at a moment’s notice.
Finally, something you should say often, "Did you see that?" whenever you notice a fine play from either side.