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Attitude Change Begins with Their Appearance

“The best way to improve your appearance is with a smile.” Author unknown
One thing to teach players is that one of the best ways to advance and make the team they want is by displaying a great attitude and solid character. Those are hard to judge by coaches if kids don’t make it evident, they do not want to be there.
It gets frustrating to see athletes seemingly upset all the time and unhappy to be there. Changing players attitude is necessary, as is changing their look of unhappiness. Kids do not realize that an unhappy look influences how coaches and teachers will work with them, or not work with them.
It’s usually not difficult to figure out your players state of mind because their body actions and demeanor will tell the story. Many kids do not even know how they come across and do not want to act that way but seem not to control their emotions and appearance. Coaches can help.
Begin the process of how they come across with these:
• First, explain to athletes that you understand it is natural to show frustration when things do not go their way.
• At the same time, talk to players one on one to let them know what you see and how they come across. DO not single anyone out in front of the group.
• Give an honest evaluation of their outward appearance in an empathetic voice, along with teaching them to accept that is what sports are about – keeping an upbeat attitude when trying to overcome challenges.
• Remind them that a negative mindset breeds negative outcomes.
• Have them recognize the importance of not showing the opposition their frustration.
• Teach them to smile through thick and thin, obviously the most difficult of coaching challenges.
Finally, be sure not to let their lack of accomplishment become "who they are." Believe me, their parents will be super happy if you pull the above off.