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Jack Perconte

Be Accountable for Accountability

Sports coaching tips

Just because you are a positive coach and coach with empathy, as you should, it doesn’t mean you do not hold players accountable. It’s for their own good to call them out when their effort is lacking and is the leadership coaching you should be doing. But first, be accountable yourself by always remembering this is not professional sports, it’s kids and keeping expectations reasonable is the key.

Holding athletes accountable begins with the following:

  • Finding out the desire level of each player, so you know how committed they should be based on their goals.
  • Reminding parents and kids that that long-term success comes from performing the tedious steps along the way and shortcuts do not work.
  • Helping everyone understand that hard work is the goal and how you will evaluate success.
  • Recognizing that each player has different skills, desires and potential, so you will expect more from some players than others based on those.
  • Asking players and teams directly, “Did you put enough effort into preparations? Are you comfortable with how prepared you were? And then stating if you agree or not to their answers.
  • Asking, “Did you give your best effort in the game?”