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Jack Perconte

Be What You Preach

Walk the talk
The following things you tell your players must apply to you as the coach.
1. You will never know it all so do not pretend to.
2. Don’t expect to win and be the best just because you have talent.
3. If you are not working to get better at what you do, others will pass you by.
As a coach, you must do the same, strive to be better. The good news is the answers are right in front of you. Answers to what? How to be better at what you do. Ways to do that include:
1. Listen to the professional coaches and managers pre-game and post-game interviews. Their analysis provides numerous tips on how to manage people and games.
2. Watch opponent’s warm up before games – picking up any little tips from pregame observations can help your planning in the future.
3. Observe the opposing coaching staff in games occasionally to pick up on what things you like and dislike about their demeanor and make sure you are not doing the things you don’t like.
4. Write down during games the things you want to address next practice.
5. Review you and your coach’s attitudes after games and practices.