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Jack Perconte

Being Better Than Most - Resolutions to Keep

Every day should be new years day for youth sport coaches because there are always some resolutions to strive for and keep.
Here are some more of mine:
* I will prepare. An excellent first resolution for all coaches is to never just wing it, a coaching no-no, no matter how long one has been at it. I strive to prepare for every for every practice and game with a plan, a process, and detail.
* I will not give up on any player, no matter their skill or interest level. It's easy to dismiss those players but take it as a challenge to turn those players into contributors and interested team members.
* I will share inspirational stories as often as possible. When I tell stories with a message, players feel they know me more and are more comfortable around me. Cool! The other interesting thing is they show disappointment when I do not have a short story for them.
"Be better than most"