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Jack Perconte

Boring, No Way

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times, “My son quit because the sport was too boring for him.” I’m sure they were right in that instance, but no sports are boring.
There are just unexciting coaches and practice methods.
It is your job to make sure things are not boring. Have the enthusiasm and coaching methods that never allow monotony to set in, at least for 95% of the players. Some are going to be bored no matter what.
Remember to:
• Not have kids standing around with nothing to do.
• Keep talks short.
• Know that the main reason kids play any youth sport is for the fun.
• Not spend too much time on one aspect of the game.
• Challenge each player a little beyond their ability level.
• Coach each player an equal amount of time, the good and the not so good ones.