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Jack Perconte

Build and Recognize the Special Athletes

Great player’s careers come to an end at some point. Special players go on long after and last beyond the playing fields!
Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to develop "special."
You often see a coach on TV go up to an opposing player after a game and whisper something to them. Sure, they may have played a great game, but often it is to recognize something beyond that. They admire them for that something extra.
Coaches, you should look out for, recognize and try to build the “Special” – beyond helping them become better players.
Here's what makes players special and when you see one on your team or the opposition, give them that extra pat on the back!
1. The hungry eyes – those who pay attention to everything coaches say, try the suggested things, and often overachieve.
2. The joyful – those who hustle on and off the field (court) and act like they are happy to be there.
3. The dirt bag – those who give 100% effort no matter the score or how well they have been playing.
4. The team player – those who root for teammates and are genuinely happy when others come through.
5. The respectful – those who always treat their parents and all adults with respect, even after they have tough games, as well as never questioning an official’s call.
Be the best