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Jack Perconte

Build It (Chemistry) - They will Play

Create team chemistry – it makes it less likely for parents to become disenchanted. Parents recognize the joy and camaraderie their kids have and will hesitate to rock the boat.
Many of my most memorable sports memories are of the joy and camaraderie I had with my teammates. The friendships and day-to-day experiences are what I and most retired athletes miss. I have been part of teams that won, but that had internal turmoil. Some teams thrive without chemistry because talent overcomes many obstacles. I have been a part of teams that lost, but that had consistent team unity. The seasons with the latter seemed to fly by and were more enjoyable even when the victories were elusive.
One of the usual statements from players and coaches of championship teams is about how close the players were with one another. People often believe winning produces chemistry. That’s not always the case, even though it helps.
Remember, relationships last longer than championships.