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Butterflies? All Good

Sports Coaching Tip of the Day

“Don’t worry about the butterflies, just get them to fly in formation.”

 Helping players deal with and understand that nerves are OK, natural, and preferred is not easy but another necessary task for the coaching staff.

First, explain to young players that nervous feelings mean they understand a challenge is at hand, which gets the adrenaline flowing. Adrenaline is what gives us a heightened sense of awareness and the energy to perform at a higher level, all good things.

Next, inform players that nervousness is a sign they care, and caring is good. When people care they give their all and do something about it if things do not go their way. If they did not care, they would not be nervous.

Then, explain to them that all good players have nervous feelings, so they are not alone.

Also, do not recommend that players try to get rid of the nerves but to use them to their benefit by keeping with the things they can control - their effort and concentration levels. That last one is the key - complete concentration on a task gets one’s mind off their nervousness and allows them to perform despite anxiety. With the adrenaline present and concentration, they will be able to perform to the best of their ability.