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Jack Perconte

Can You Handle the Hard to Coach Player

Can you tune out a player’s non-committal attitude? Of course, that is not easy but a coaching challenge to embrace. How to do this?
1. Do not take it their bad attitude personally. Their attitude formed before you came to coach them.
2. Pretend to not recognize their demeanor at first. The second you point it out it can create an irreparable bridge.
3. Continually show them you care about them by spending as much time instructing them as you do every player.
4. Praise them when they do things correctly – all kids like positive reinforcement whether they show it or not
5. Don’t allow them to get away with doing it their own, incorrect way just to placate them.
6. Inform the player’s parents of the things their child is improving at. This may relieve some tension. Often, they do not commit because of fear of failure from parental pressure.
7. If they do not come around, talk to them one on one. Making it an issue in front of the team can also deteriorate the relationship.