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Jack Perconte

Can You See What Others Don't?

I enjoyed watching the MLB playoff games with Joe Girardi doing analysis. Like many of the other game analysts, he obviously knows the game. What impressed me about Joe was what he saw that many others do not. If I was a betting man, I would bet on the Phillies, who just hired him, next year.
“It’s not what you know, it’s what you see that counts.” That is the response I give other when they ask what the key to quality coaching is.
What separates one coach from another is what coaches see. Many coaches can talk a good game, but they can’t see a good game. To be able to pick up the little things, and the root cause of problems, is the thing few can do. Many people notice the obvious, but the ability to see the not so evident, along with the real cause of the problem is the difference.
Things to do:
• Watch slow motion film on-line of the sport you coach.
• Then, watch it in fast motion until you can observe the same things.
• Look beyond the obvious and find the root cause of problems.
• Video your players and compare to what you see from the professionals.
• Show the players what you see and explain the root causes to them, and then formulate a plan to fix it.