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Jack Perconte

Championships are not the End-all for Coaches

What can be better as a coach than winning the championship?"
Well, this.
Winning is fun and a worthy goal, one which deserves congratulations. However, there is another coaching goal that is even better?
The best compliment you can get is, “Your team is well coached.” Good coaching may or may not lead to winning, but it always leads to a well-coached team. Of course, sometimes they go hand in hand, but not always. Teams that have the most talent usually win but are not necessarily that well-coached. Some coaches recruit, choose, or simply have the best players, which lead them to become winning coaches, without having to add much coaching. Additionally, only one team wins the championships, but that does not mean all the other coaches are losers.
How do you know if you have a well-coached team?
Surefire signs of it are:
1. Players are respectful and listen to the coaches.
2. Team shows noticeable improvement as the season goes on.
3. Appears all are having fun and happy to be there.
4. Players know where to position themselves and get prepared before the action.
5. Players know what to do when the play starts more than other teams their age.
6. Players know how to take coaching tips without upsetting their concentration