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Jack Perconte

Should and Shouldn't of Sports Coaching

A study of the great coaches, as i do in my book, reveals things that are important for all leaders and in any field of work. Some of those things are:
1. They do not let players settle for mediocrity. All teams and individuals have the potential to be better and the great coaches keep searching for ways to bring that out.
2. They do not allow excuses for bad play or behavior. They show others how to learn to accept ownership for their performance.
3. They show an unwavering belief in all players by being willing to work with anyone who wants to work, no matter how good they are.
4. They understand that nothing is more important than allowing people to be themselves. and enjoy what they are doing.
5. They display a willingness to talk things out and allow others to express their thoughts.
Most of all - they absolutely love what they do best - teaching.