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Jack Perconte

Coaches, Please Take Charge

Coaches must lead the way!
The amount of expression after achievement athletes can display without seeming like they’re “showing up” the opposition is something that’s always up for discussion in this age of “going viral.” If it stayed on the field, people could consider it kids being kids and of celebrating the opportunity to play.
But, unfortunately, it’s more common every day that the “showing up” actions, and even intimidating ones, are coming from the coaches and parents. It feels like the spiral down has no way of ending, which is the most demoralizing thing. Ther is no youth sports governing body to decide right from wrong behavior. Many substantial groups are around that try to make a difference but the job is overwhelming.
The saddest thing is that many competent officials are giving up the craft because of worsening adult behavior. That’s’ leaving more game officiated by inexperienced officials. Because of that, and until leagues and organizations get a better handle on things, coaches are the ones who must take charge and show the integrity that youth sports should have. The following are things coaches should do.
• Before every game, approach the officials and inform them that you will aid them concerning keeping civility and sportsmanship in the games.
• Before every game, meet the opposition coach and inform them that you are a big believer in making the games just about the kids.
• Before every game, ask your parents for exemplary behavior during games.
• Never allow yourself to retaliate or lower your behavior because others have, but never fail to mention afterward in a non-threatening manner that you felt specific action was out of line.
Of course, none of the above guarantees anything in today’s youth sports atmosphere, but it is a start.