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Coaching Challenge is to Challenge

Sports coaching tips of the day

I’ve seen many good players stop playing at young ages because of boredom that things are either too slow or too easy.


A constant coaching challenge is avoiding practice boredom. A great way to that is with a challenge.


From day one, recognize the skill level of each player and begin to challenge each differently. Be sure to explain to the players that you will be testing each one of them differently in the future and why that is important. Without the explanation, some players may feel like they are being picked on. Obviously, the weaker players need more work but don’t forget the more advanced player and divide your time equally.


Take note of the players who relish the challenge and those that shy away from it. This can help you decide who to have in games when they are on the line.


The key is to challenge the player up to the point where frustration is about to set in and then back off. When you sense the player is beginning to get frustrated back off and try to get their mind away from what they are doing with a break, story or joke.


Of course, the main reason to challenge players is to help them learn to deal with adversity and embrace the goal of bettering themselves.