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Coaching Own Child is All about Fairness

Coaching one’s own child begins and ends with fairness
Coaching a team sport with your child on the team should be one of the most rewarding experiences for both parent and player. However, the situation often deteriorates between you and your child. Some of us fall into the trap of being too favorable towards our own, or too harsh on them. A strained relationship develops.
Additionally, problems may begin because kids feel extra pressure or are self-conscious when their parent is the coach. And, many kids have a difficult time listening to and taking instruction from their parent. This does not mean the kids are bad or that the parent coach is too tough on their kid; just one of the parent-child dynamics that exist.
It takes a special psychology of coaching one’s own, so that the experience ends up a positive one for all.
The key to it all is fairness.
Be Fair – set up your coaching philosophy and stick to it. This philosophy should cover playing time, discipline, what is expected from players including one's own, pre-game, in-game and post-game behavior.
Be Fair – Remember, coaches have a responsibility to all players, not just their own child, so give equal attention and equal respect to all.
Be fair – Treat own child same as others, especially emotionally. Of course, this one is the biggest challenge but is very important.
Be fair - Don’t expect more from your own child than you expect from the other players.
Be fair - do not try to relive your playing days through your kid.
Be the best