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Jack Perconte

Coaching Routinely

Maintaining the same routine is an often-overlooked source of motivation. Baseball coaches should consider the power of routine as a motivational force,
People are creatures of habit and kids are the same way; they become dependent on doing certain things at the same time and day.
That dependence activates their motivation to work at things they like. Following are some ideas that help keep routine in players life, hopefully, with motivation to follow.
Coaches can:
1. Try to have the same location, times, and days for practices each week.
2. Begin and end practices in the same way.
3. Realize that many players get comfortable in a certain role and at certain positions, so you should consider that and talk to kids beforehand when having to change things up.
4. Keep the same game day routines when winning and alter it some after losses, without becoming dependent on superstition.
5. Help players have their own individual routines in games for concentrating better, as each player is different.
Of course, some of the above are not easy as the weather and other factors can change the greatest of plans.