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Coaching Strategies - Tips of the Day

Two other tips for coaches that are often overlooked:
1. Encourage questions, don't just ask them. It is difficult for coaches to know what players understand. Coaches must encourage and praise those who ask. They should make it clear that players must ask when unsure of things and that no question is too basic. I often tell my students that practice does not end until they ask some questions.
2. Measure results in practice. Game statistics for youth often do more harm than good. But, keeping statistics in practice is a beneficial way of seeing when progress comes. I often have players perform a skill so many times and measure their success rate. Then they practice that skill for a spell, usually with a drill, before re-measuring the same thing to see their progress. Most players show some improvement after the work, although some may not. Either way, those results provide good lessons for players and is a good way to find out which drills work. Competition against oneself is a motivator, too.
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