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Coaching The Fine Line - Intensity with Fun

Sports coaching tips of the day

Your coaching job is to teach players how to compete with intensity while making it fun at the same time. For the most competitive of athletes, that will take care of itself but for the others it creates a coaching challenge. Many players have fun but do not like competition, while others are very competitive but do not enjoy the necessary work.

 Coaches can help with both goals by:


  • Understanding focus becomes more difficult when pressure is added to any situation. There is inherent pressure in games, placing more on kids with insistence on winning hurts more than helps.


  • Leaving the games for playing and using the practices for coaching. Focusing on mechanical things in practice is crucial but doing so in games will have players thinking too much.


  • Keeping a player’s mind focused in the moment. This is best done by not over coaching and by allowing players to make their own game decisions.


  • Ask team parents to keep their encouragement to a minimum and their technical advice to zero. Hearing mom and dad’s voice is more of a distraction than a help. Players already know their parents want them to do well.


  • Realizing that sitting on the bench, being blamed for mistakes, listening to a long coaching speech, and hearing parents screaming from the sidelines are not fun to a youngster.