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Coaching the Rules of Respect

Teaching the rules of respect
Expecting certain player behavior while never having taught what that is, is on you. Teach what respect involves before disciplining players for not doing it.
1. Respect for teammates - Do not allow players to "show up" another player on the field or talk negatively of one off the field. Making any gesture after a teammate makes a mistake is unacceptable player behavior, as is saying a teammate “stinks.” Explain what "team" means.
2. Respect for adults - Do not allow youth players to talk back to the umpire, any coach or parent. Teach them to address all adults appropriately by using Mr., Mrs., or Coach before speaking to them.
3. Respect for the game - Do not allow players to make excuses for their poor play or failure to hustle on the field. Explain what accountability and respect for the game are.