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Jack Perconte

Coaching with the Right Purpose

The win at all cost coach doesn’t belong in youth sports and is the source of so many unfortunate incidents. The key to avoiding that is for coaches to realize who they work for – the kids. Along with that, they must never forget that players do not have to win to have fun and develop.
Revolve your coaching around player growth, teamwork and work ethic. Amusement usually follows for the athletes. As a bonus, when kids have fun, their parents are usually happier and allow the coaches to do their job with less interference.
Understand what is not fun for youth:
• Unrealistic expectations
• Ignoring or berating any player
• Dull and unchallenging practice
• Little or no personal improvement
• Too little communication and attention from coaches
• Emphasis only on winning
Remember, you the coach have all of the above within your control.
"Creating a season to remember"