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Jack Perconte

Creating A Sports Future is in Your Hands

Never underestimate the attitude and power of perseverance.
I have been amazed many times in my coaching career. Some players who could not swing a bat without falling or catch a ball for their life, have gone on to play high school and even college baseball. I take a little credit for that, but mostly of course, they deserve unbelievable praise.
I can usually tell when a young player is serious about the game because they work hard and care how they do. Unfortunately, because they care (a good thing) they get frustrated when the results are not what they want. I often ask those players, “What grade are you in?” Whatever they tell me, I respond with, “Great, we have X amount of years to get this until high school when things really matter. It doesn’t matter how well you are doing right now.” The point is that sports skills take a lot of time and effort to have success for most, and the results at the younger ages are not all that significant, except for keeping their morale up.
If you can convince them that they have time and the players who play into high school are not always the best at the younger ages, which is true and I believe, then they have a chance.
As a coach, be sure and set long, short, and medium range goals for athletes. Instead of saying by next game or even next week tell the player that “we” can have it solved in a month (a minor problem) or by the end of the season (a more ingrained habit) or even by the time the player reaches high school (a major overhaul or a very inexperienced player).
Once again, if you can convince them of believing in this type attitude, they will be a success.
Also, remind them to expect setbacks and plateaus in their development, but those who stick with it, succeed.