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Jack Perconte

Creating Self Motivated Athletes

Motivation that lasts

The best case scenario is when athletes are self motivated. Just know that most learn to become that way over time. It’s a learned trait. You go a long way to building that situation.

Players self motivation levels grow because their parents and coaches are patient and encouraging. Words of praise go a long way toward stimulating young players to continue with an activity. “I enjoy watching you”  is one of the best things you can say. On the other side, over expectations and words that pressure kids to work harder and be the best, do the opposite, at least in the long run.

Things to do:

Explain what competition is – a contest to be better than you were the previous time.

Also explain that it takes courage to compete and that you are proud when they display that grit.

Praise effort. Do not go overboard with praising performance results, but as long as the adulation includes the “sweat” that went into the good play, it’s good.

Let athletes know you want them to succeed, and will help them find ways of doing that, but you will be content with any result if they are.

Encourage in every aspect of kids lives, not just their sports performance.