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Dealing with a Lack of Effort

All coaches have the same question, “Why don’t players care more and give 100% all the time?”
I often hear similar things from youth coaches, alluding to the idea that kids have it easy now, and that their desire is lacking. “The players do not come to play,” or “The kids have no heart” or “They don’t take it serious, like we use to” are common coaching statements that refer to kids lacking desire and giving less than their all.
However, when I played professional baseball it was the same, some players came to play every day and others did not, or at least gave the appearance of not playing their hardest.
What to do?
First, coaches should go into coaching knowing they will encounter many players that have a casual attitude. That is the challenge of coaching youth and one the good coaches accept. Second, they find ways to bring out desire, attitude, and effort in players.
How exactly?
• Set realistic expectations for each player individually – many kids are afraid to give their all because they feel like it will not be good enough.
• Praise effort first, results second, at every opportunity.
• Remain positive, encouraging and hopeful - you never know when a player may figure it out that it is ok to fail but trying their most is key.
• Make it fun as much as possible.