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Discipline - Touchy but Necessary

Sports coaching tips of the day
Discipline can be a touchy area in youth sports, but if you feel the need to impart a life lesson with some sort of discipline, you must proceed without fear of hurting someone’s feelings – like the player or their parents. Be prepared to answer questions for your actions and document each step of the way.
A fine line exists between competitive athletes and those who cannot control their actions. Some sports have and allow more aggression than others, but whenever players are out to intimidate or fight, regardless of the sport, coaches must act. You must not allow things to get out of hand when any player is in physical or emotional danger. Your job is to ensure that all players are safe and can play without fear of others.
It’s mandatory that you respond, no matter who the culprit is. Letting even one incident slide will make corrective measures in future difficult. Selective punishment will cause people to lose respect for you.