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Jack Perconte

Do Not Treat Players the Same

It's not just building up athletes’ self-esteem. Often, we hear that coaches say they treat every player the same, including their child. Wait a minute?
The incomparable coach, John Wooden, said that one of the worst things a coach can do is treat every player the same. Here is why?
Each kid is different! The cocky kid sits next to the no-confident one.
There are many kinds of players. For every player with little self-esteem, there is one who thinks they are a superstar. The first player feels as though can never satisfy their or others’ expectations, and the second one has always heard how great they are no matter what.
You cannot treat them the same. With that in mind, coaches must analyze players’ personalities. In time, you must learn which players to build up their self-esteem and whose ego they must keep in check. Of course, you should never diminish anyone’s sense of self, but helping others to get a more realistic view of things is valuable for their futures.
The best thing you can do to treat all type athletes is by stressing the importance of, and showing kids how to create, an enviable work ethic. Those who work hard and are an example to others for the work they put in, will be praised for it no matter what their personality type.