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Don't Be the Hypocrite Sports Coach - Be Better

Sports coaching tips of the day

The “Hypocrite” coach really bugs me.

Do not give this pre-game speech - “We just want you guys/girls to have fun out there” and/or insist kids just have fun whenever they show some frustration.

and then proceed to show over-the -top frustration when:


  • Players make mistakes
  • Kids fail in tight game situations
  • Officials make calls you do not agree with
  • Teams lose
  • Kids do not practice more
  • Teams do not take losing as hard as you do

Choose honesty over the false premise that sports are just about fun. Fun is a product of many things including honesty, player development, and achievement. Instead of saying, “It’s all about having fun” be genuine and teach kids sports are about:

  • Accountability – you do not expect them to make the same mistakes as the season progresses
  • Poise - how to stay cool in the toughest game spots
  • Adversity - use bad calls as teachable moments and a challenge to overcome
  • Losing - teach kids that it’s only a loss if they fail to do something about it
  • Hard work – work ethic is a goal as important as winning
  • Pride – and one measure of that is winning, and that they should desire that more than the alternative.