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Jack Perconte

Don't Be this Coach

The Demoralizing Coach

 When you make things about “You,” the coach, things will unravel quickly. Talks like this are an example:

“Guys/Girls, you are embarrassing me. I cannot believe you can play this badly. You have to start doing what I say or we are going to run when this is over. What in the world are you thinking out there? When I was your age, I could already do . . . etc.”

I am sure you get the idea. Using some of these negative phrases and using the “I, I, Me, Me” talk will turn everyone off quickly. Rarely does uninspiring and downbeat talk cause kids to compete with pride, even if it intimidates them into playing harder in the short term. Eventually, most kids upon hearing such words will lose self-esteem and the desire to continue playing the sport much longer.

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about creating a learning environment that has a chance at inspiring kids to give their all.