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Jack Perconte

Don't Fall Into the False Trap

The easiest thing in the world is to fall into the trap of always saying "You are awesome" and "you did great."
It can be a disservice to keep telling kids how wonderful they are. At some point in their life, someone is going to be honest with them. Those players handle that adversity poorly because they only heard how superb they were for so long.
Being a positive coach isn’t all about praising kids no matter what. False praise – when your words do not reflect your true feelings based on what you observe from players’ actions – is more detrimental than constructive criticism.
False recognition gives athletes the wrong sense of identity and security. Athletes begin to believe they can do no wrong. They think they contributed a considerable amount even when they didn’t play hard. Misleading tributes result in players who do not accept challenges. It limits their ability to improve and figure things out on their own.
Too many unwarranted accolades cause kids to fail to assess their actions honestly. They do not learn a solid work ethic, either. The messages of resiliency, humility, and reality are lost when coaches praise all the time.