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Jack Perconte

Essential Parent Engagement

Never be false, only genuine but look for opportunities to:
* Give parents credit for standout child behavior. Just as athletes like to hear praise, parents do too. It is good coaching practice to say something positive that gives parents credit for their kids’ behavior or play. “You have done an awesome job; your son’s eyes are always on me, when I speak,” is an example of praising the parent. The best thing is they will relay that observation back to their child, making both feel good. This strategy is especially important for parents who tend to be hard on their child.
* Praise kids in front of their parents. Like above, when coaches see positive actions and improvement from players, they should relay that on to mom and dad. Many parents wonder how their child does. Praising kids in front of their parents is a good way of easing that speculation.
Be the best or at least better!