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Extra Effort is Good, Persistent Effort is Better

Extra effort is good, persistent effort is better
Many players give extra effort at times, but also coast at other times.
My favorite player, bar none, is the one who never “just goes through the motions.” They give you their all no matter what. A few players naturally do it, but for most, it’s a learned attribute.
Part of the coaching job is to help kids learn what it means to compete, at all times. Too me that is exactly what was mentioned with my favorite player – giving one’s all regardless of any extenuating circumstances like failing, losing, tiredness, bad weather etc…
Teach athletes that they will someday understand that more satisfaction comes after hard work than from winning. Also, remind them the thing that makes you satisfied is not only the extra effort they’ve put in, but the persistent effort.
The best part of persistence is that those players rise up in tight game situations too, because all they know is an “all out” gear.
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