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Jack Perconte

Fearless Players Come Through Often

Coaching the fearless mindset includes ways you can help players prepare for the game winning opportunities.
1. Teach them to rehearse in their minds coming through with the game on the line all the way through the celebration after they win it.
2. Put them in game winning situations in practice often.
3. Explain that people forget quickly when someone does not come through and they will too. But that one remembers forever their winning actions, so it is basically a “win-win” in the clutch situations.
4. Remind them that nerves are normal and good, but good concentration trumps nervousness every time.
5. Explain that mentally strong players want to be that “Guy/girl” who wants to be up with the game on the line.
6. Help players learn to focus before every play the whole game long; that process will make the biggest moments less stressful.