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First of Many First Coaching Goals

Sports coaching tips of the day

As with any leadership role, youth coaches must develop trust with those around them. One of the first goals of coaching is getting players and parents to trust you are in every player’s corner. It’s a process and will not come over night, because many are very leery at first, especially some kids. The first step to gaining parents’ belief in you is getting the trust of the players.  

Things coaches can do from outset:

  • Remember, the first few minutes together are crucial – address them by name and make them feel special right away.
  • Allow players to fail a little before teaching, as that will help them play without fear and give you a better chance of them listening to suggestions after unsuccessful tries.
  • Give tips in a matter of fact tone, not a ranting one.
  • When you see a good play or decision, mention it with a loud and enthusiastic voice, and tell their parent about it afterward in front of the player.
  • Give the “why” team decisions as often as possible. The player may not fully comprehend the why, but the extra attention is a sign of caring and will be appreciated in the long run. Keep the “why” simple.
  • Always talk as if a team. “We will get it,” shows you are with them and it is not just on him or her. Expecting youngsters to figure out their mistakes and make changes on their own is an overwhelming feeling for the young player.
  • Never give the impression you know all the answers.
  • Communicate with parents as if they are equals and do not hold being in charge over them.