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Fun? Maybe - Excitement? Should be a Given

Sports coaching tips of the day

"Players determine what fun is, coaches determine the excitement factor."

Failing to captivate kids’ attention at a young age leads to players wanting to quit baseball and to an unsuccessful coach. Player and team excitement come from improvement, enthusiasm, competition and caring.

Coaches cannot guarantee fun for players as many youth are just not into the game, but coaches control how the game is presented to kids in the form of practice.

The coaching philosophy for youth baseball does not have to be some intricate plan to make every player a star. Your philosophy should be about making the game, especially your practices, exciting, which is not an easy thing. Enthusiastic practices lead to fun for most, which creates a win, win proposition. Coaches meet their responsibility of showing why the game is fun and players have their goal of enjoyment.

Coaches do not have to have extensive knowledge of the game or have been a great player, to help youth. However, u must know ways of teaching that shows the excitement which helps youth develop a love of the game.

The thrill of games usually excites most kids up to a certain point, but practices are another story. Therefore, it is mandatory that practice plans are detailed and designed to capture action, challenge, improvement and player social interaction. Boring practices takes the excitement of the games away quickly.

Coaching in a way that gives every player the feeling they have an important team role, no matter how much or little players contribute to team success makes a great coach.