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Sports coaching tips of the day
Talent, love of the game, focus, and confidence are the key ingredients to reaching one’s potential and playing a sport for a long time. However, often those things get derailed and most players never reach that end because they forget the not so little things that allow those things to flourish. I often say, “Give me the fundamentals and I will take my chances with everything else.”
The point is that the mentioned ingredients will only come about when things are done correctly. Your being able to get across the importance of doing things the right way is paramount to their careers. One of my favorite sayings goes like this, “Doing something right and almost right is the difference between success and failure.” So true as athletes move up the sports ladder.
Explain to them:
• A lack of the proper fundamentals derail success as much as anything else. Talent and a great attitude only take one so far.
• Hard work is necessary but the quality of the work for young players is what is crucial, not so much the quantity. Once things are done correctly, quantity becomes of greater importance.
• Being willing to try suggestions from knowledgeable coaches will help their chances at long term success. Being unteachable or stubborn to change is usually detrimental to advancement
• Keeping an even keel in good times and bad is essential.
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