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Heat or Ice Best? Neither

Heat or Ice – Try Neither
When players are injured, there is always the debate whether to apply the heat or the ice to cure the injury. Coaches have the same dilemma when trying to motivate kids to work hard - push or pull back. There is no easy answer but applying the heat (pushing too hard) or the ice (ignoring players after poor play) rarely work for long.
The best approach is to keep an even keel and use the following tips:
1. Never fail to explain that success will most likely appear after hard work is applied.
2. Remind them they are successful when they prepare the best way they know how and to a level they feel comfortable, no matter the results. That level is different for every athlete, changes with time, and changes for the better with patient, encouraging coaches.
3. Realize when you remain optimistic and keep up the enthusiasm with “lazy” players, you will often see unmotivated players turn into motivated ones in the future.
4. Limit or eliminate the “You have to’s” – those are the least inspiring words kids hear and adults use too often.
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