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Jack Perconte

Helping Athletes get out of Slumps

When players fall into slumps, which are inevitable for all, here are suggestions to try:
* Add extra work. Often, players get away from the basics, which then leads to bad habits and a drop in performance. Hard work solves most issues and allows players to relax, knowing they have done all they can to get better.
* Address other aspects of the game too, so as not to make the slumping area as obvious. It never helps when people fuss too much over a rough period because sometimes, things have to run their course.
* Help players work on visualization skills.
* Remain optimistic. A coach’s pessimism will not improve a player’s trust in themselves, whereas encouragement gives hope.
* Help them display confident body language. Looking defeated often results in poor play.
* Suggest outside coaching help when players appear completely frustrated.
* Give players time off when nothing else seems to work. Getting away from the playing for a day or two may allow players to relax and start with a new outlook.
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