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Jack Perconte

Helping Kids Focus in Games

Coaching suggestions.

The task of keeping players' “heads in the game” is a challenge for many reasons including nervousness, over thinking, and fear. You must be a patient and dedicated coach to develop youth players in all phases of the game, skill development, focus, and strategy.

Focus tips should include:

  1. Limiting the in-game instructions - let kids make their decisions.
  2. Reminding players of the things they can control – readiness and the fundamentals.
  3. Teach kids the “I want the play coming my way” thought process.
  4. Do not show how upset you may feel when players fail, so they stay aggressive and fearless in the future.
  5. Audibly praise players who knew what to do when the action came their way and for on-the-bench players who keep their heads in the game.

Of course, focus is easier when you have taught players in practice their responsibilities when the plays come to them.

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