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How to (and not to) Motivate Athletes

Sports coaching tips of the day

Athletic motivation begins and ends with the 3 A’s!

You must know what does and does not motivate youth. 

Things that motivate:                                                      

  1. Attention – showing legitimate interest in player improvement and other activities that kids are involved with is a good start.
  2. Approval – positive words, well-timed smiles, recognizing little improvement help kids feel like a success, which is the best motivator.
  3. Attitude – Positive coaches develop positive thinking, enthusiastic kids. Team’s reflect their coach over time.

Best Ways not to Motivate? The same 3 A’s!

  1. Too much attention on “today's” game as if it’s the only important thing they do today, and too much emphasis on winning.
  2. So much approval that it comes across as false praise.
  3. Negative and cynical coaching attitudes – the biggest motivation killer.