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How to Deal with Difficult Situations

Sports coaching tips of the day

I have heard coaches say that they never took their work home with them. They must have been award winning actors because that seems impossible.

Today’s youth sports atmosphere is often intense, and it is never easy handling difficult situations. People say, “It’s only kids, and it is all about fun,” but that is naive thinking.

Before the season, coaches must prepare for tough events and have these questions ready to answer at those times. It is a good idea to write the answers out, sleep on it a night and then decide where to go from there.

Questions to answer for annoying or troubling team drama.

* What or who is bothering me so much?

* What actions did I take at the time and was that the best way to go about it?

* Why am I taking it so hard and am I over-reacting?

* Does the situation need more consideration or is it best to let it go?

*What are other possible ways of fixing this situation or dealing with it the next time it occurs?

* Is there anything else we can do in our coaching methods to avoid the same thing happening?


Best of luck