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How to Win and Lose with Class

Sports Coaching Tips of the Day

Set the tone for how players will deal with both winning and losing. That begins by your attitude after games. When you rant and blame others for losing, players learn that is acceptable for them to do. When you act like the team won because of your fine coaching, they learn that it’s about individuals, not the team.

  1. Always explain that losing is only a failure when “we fail to do something about it.”
  2. Treat game results with an analytical approach to what went right and wrong on the field.
  3. Never accuse anyone for the loss, give the players credit for the wins, and tell them you will do a better job to help them in the future.
  4. Remind them what allows them to keep their heads high after losing - learning and working hard.

Always finish with, “I will always believe in you guys and am so grateful to have the opportunity to coach you.”