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Jack Perconte

Individual Accomplishment and Team Building

One of your greatest challenges is to integrate the individual goals into the team concept.
One of the first things a player learns when he gets to the big leagues is about the importance of the team. Even if a player has a good day individually and the team lost, a player should not act happy and self-satisfied. And vice versa, they should not act down after having a rough game personally when the team won.
You would think players at the highest level would have already learned this, but it is not that simple. In order to get to that level of play, players had to focus so much on their own performance over the years, and even though they are playing team sports, individual performance is necessary to continue moving up the sports ladder and get to the top.
Also, it is human nature for individuals to feel good about personal achievement. Coaches certainly want each player to perform well and are happy for them when they do, but they also want to promote the feeling to the players collectively, that team and winning are what is important and that it is not all about personal accomplishment.
Coaches should nurture the idea that the players are part of something bigger than they are individually. The concept of team and teamwork will serve kids in many phases of their lives and in many areas of eventual work and career.
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