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Finding Ways to Inspire
When I grew up, I watched the games on TV for the sport of the season. I also watched Wide World of Sports and observed amazing sports feats. Kids of today have many more diversions and often miss many of the amazing things that happen on the playing fields daily.
I do the same things now, just on the internet, especially when I feel stale and the mind gets a little dry, which happens to all coaches at some point. I look for greatness. It's fascinating what reading, watching, or listening to "genius" can do to motivate. Remarkable people and stories can bring out the genius in you and others.
One of the all-time greatest coaches, Phil Jackson, was known to pass out books to players. I assume his intention was the same thing - to inspire, and to let them know there is a world out there besides what they do for a living.
Sometimes, just to change my attitude, I will say to myself, what would Joe Maddon do in this situation, and that question inspires me to come up with something new for the team or it raises my enthusiasm to new heights.
Youth coaches do not have to go to that extent, but you must find ways to re-energize yourself. Likewise, encouraging kids to watch for greatness is beneficial to captivating their attention to a sport. Things to do:
Relay short accounts about exceptional people and games to them. It serves to motivate and encourage youth athletes. The best part about that coaching tactic is the kids tend to remember the stories more than any instruction you give them.
Ask team members to come to the next practice with a story about superior athlete or feat. It’s exciting for them to share stories with teammates and see what may be possible for them.