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Jack Perconte

It's Not a Secret at All but It Needs Passing On

There is no secret to greatness or better - pass that message on to your athlete by teaching:
1. A singular goal. Many believe that the best athletes have higher goals that set them apart. Their goals are more straightforward than people realize. They simply set out to get the most out of their abilities with a daily work ethic.
You should not push players to go beyond their comfort level but continually explain that success only comes with a daily focus on getting better. Do your part by keeping practices exciting and challenging. In time, when players find the desire to push themselves, the coach has achieved their goal.
2. Practice like a game. The best players work as if in a game and visualize themselves in game situations. Their confidence comes from having done it at game-speed and in their minds many times before.
Don't be content until players do things right, often, and quicker in practice, not safer. If they are not messing up some in practice, they are just being safe, not quick enough and not being challenged adequately.