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It's Not Always What You Think - A Short Story

There is a lesson in this story for coaches and athletes.


 “Good news today, Mary,” said Mary’s husband on the phone.


“That’s great, what’s up?” she asked.


“Michelle came home from practice and was happy for once and never said anything negative about her coach. I asked her about it, and she said Tina (another player trying out for the team) was cut today.”


“Why would that make her happy?” Mary asked.


“It seems the coach never said anything to Tina, and the coach was always yelling at Michelle. Michelle thought the coach didn’t like her and would cut her. She now realizes the coach was yelling at her because she has a chance to be good, and the coach ignored Tina because she didn’t see any potential in her.”


“Ah, interesting, too bad for Tina, but a nice lesson for Michelle to learn - being ignored is worse than some constructive criticism,” Mary analyzed.

 Sometimes, life lessons come for athletes in mysterious ways. Just as important is another message here, too, but for coaches.  We have a responsibility to coach every player.  

Sports coaching tips of the day – All very challenging at times.

*Understand that every player deserves your time and help – from the worst to the best. Giving equal time to all is a coaching goal.

* Ignoring a player for any length of time is unacceptable, no matter how little they care to listen or how little potential they seem to have.

* Explain to players why it seems you are harping on them – because they can do better, have potential, and you want them to realize it.