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Know the 2 Keys to Patience

Sports coaching tips of the day

Maybe the greatest, Willie Mays, had one hit in his first seven games, over 30 at-bats. He turned out OK, but just think what would have happened if his coaches gave up on him?

Patience is the key in every case, especially with youth athletes.

The first key to patience is when adults are realistic about their own playing days. The question I often want to ask parents, but rarely do, is How many years did you play professional sports?”

Not to be a wise guy, but so many adults these days seem to have all the answers and act like the coaches do not know anything. Maybe they were terrific players in their day, that does not mean it’s easy for their kids or that they should negate anything the coaches teach. Even for adults who have played to high levels, they must remember how much work went into getting to those levels and how often failure is a part of the game.

The problem is that when something comes to a person, it is often very hard for them to understand why another cannot do it. This is often the biggest trap for parents and youth coaches – they just cannot understand why players cannot do what they tell them to do or what they could once do, and then show their frustration in front of their players. Some frustration is normal to a degree, but it often boils into cynical coaching which shows up with a loss of patience with youth players.

The second key to patience is just as important – remember, nothing is more important to kids than pleasing their parents and coaches.